About us

Company  Introduction

    Guangzhou Jego Chemical CO.,Ltd is a full intelligent chemical company with an integration of science, industry and trade. We have inherited the production techniques of modified epoxy hardener from WELLS, and be certificated by ISO 9001 since our products have continued to provide outstanding curing agent to the epoxy resin industry.

    With the expansion of application and higher requirements, our company not only built up a professional and creative R&D team, but also developed a variety of modified epoxy hardener with best resistance to yellowing, aging, water, acid-base, partnering with the professors of South China University of Technology. Our products are applied in many industries like Electronic materials, Composites, Adhesive, Epoxy Coating, Crystal crafts, Building Decorating material, etc.

    Jego people deeply believe that quality is the life of enterprise, credit is the basis of cooperation,We adhere to the professional people to do the most professional thing.All we hope is making ‘Jego’ curing agent to be the leading brand in the industry , do what little one can to help to change rapidly chemical world, sharing the advanced science and technology and the achievement in the development of the society, We hope with you to create brilliant.